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Lori Bentley Law | Roadstar

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Boekomslag lettering Artwerk
Typische Graphic Novel

About the Book:

Heart Stopping Stunts! Cameras Galore!
And a shadowy man in gray with nefarious plans…

Welcome to the world of the MOTOR DOLLS! 

An encounter with a stranger on the day of her grandmother’s death steers Jeda into a life of danger as she chases one bipistonzarre challenge after another–like jumping off a pier with a handmade kite strapped to her back, or zapping herself silly with a stun-gun. But when the game escalates from a thrilling adventure to something darker,Jeda begins to question the reason for it all. Is she simply nuts? Or is someone really trying to drive her to her death?

In her quest to find answers, she enlists the help of fellow hotrod girl Benny to chronicle the madness on film, and together they race to uncover the truth behind Jeda’s odd life and the mystery behind the elusive man in gray.

Lori about the THE FONT DESIGNER:

Coert De Decker AKA Kustomtype
The internet is an interesting thing. Who would have guessed I would end up using a font guy from Belgium?! I’d been searching high and low for the right font to pair with Miss Tayva’s fabulous art, and finally ran across KTF-Roadstar. It was PERFECT. Rather than just buying the rights and using the font, I decided to contact the designer and show him the project, and boy am I glad I did! He’s a terrific guy with fantastic vintage inspired fonts! His website is in progress, but be sure to check in with him if you need a great font for your next project.

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"I decided to contact the designer and show him the project, and boy am I glad I did! "

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