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Kustomtype is het onderdeel van Artwerk dat lettertypes (fonts) maakt. Wij maken voor elk project het juiste lettertype! Want een goed gekozen lettertype bepaalt voor een groot deel het succes van een merk.

Het juiste lettertype

Typografie speelt een belangrijke rol in de beleving van uw merk. Wat wilt u uitstralen en wie wilt u bereiken? Door goed na te denken over het lettertype voor uw huisstijl of website, creëren we de uitstraling die de juiste doelgroep voor u aantrekt.

About | Kustomtype Fonts

Kustomtype is an independent type foundry based in Belgium, founded in 2011 by Coert De Decker type designer & graphic artist.

Kustomtype Fonts are designed for logotype, packaging, posters, T-shirts, signage & design projects with a retro & vintage feel, modern look, good taste, just for all yor cool & creative graphic design!

In 1983, comparatively speaking long before the computer era, I started my professional graphic design career as type cutter & stone carver assistant, which was manual business at that time. So I got in touch at an early age with all aspects of the entire creative typeface and graphic design spectrum, getting more and more passionately fond of it.

Before that, at the age of 14 already, I started creating hand-drawn posters, flyers for gigs & parties, etc… especially for the rock or alternative music scene, a perfect and open-minded ambiance for developing one's sense of style and creativity - sometimes I still think back about these good old stressless days.

After several years of self-study I started my own company 'Artwerk' and set up Kustomtype as a very significant part of it. Kustomtype is a small type foundry based in Belgium, founded in 2011 by myself.

Thanks for showing interest in my professional typeface design. Spread the word!

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Kustomtype Fonts
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